Library News – October

Diverse Books for All!

Are you looking for books with diverse characters and themes? The MOSAIC is an annual collection of high-interest diverse books for preschool through high school students reviewed by LPS librarians. 

  • Look for the MOSAIC Multicultural Book Display link on your school library website.
  • Browse the collection and download the ebooks or audiobooks.
  • Want a print copy of a book?  Ask your school librarian!

Digital Citizenship Tips

Our students are learning about digital communication and online etiquette.  Here are some prompts to help you continue the conversation at home:

  • What do you like to do online?  What are some positive ways you use technology?
  • How do you use good manners online?
  • What is the difference between face-to-face and online conversations? When would it be better to talk to someone in person rather than texting or posting something online?
  • Should you ask permission before posting a photo or video of someone else online?