Screentime, Gaming & Technology Tips for Parents

Community Awareness Event:

Promoting Healthy Behaviors November 19, 2019, 6:30 pm Youth Gaming: When a Pastime becomes a Problem Lefler Middle School (Media Center)

Presentation: As digital technology continues to advance, our youth are spending increasing amounts of time on electronic devices. Video games have become especially popular among children and adolescents. Technology has increased the accessibility of video games, with youth being able to game on computers, game consoles, tablets and smartphones. When can gaming move from an entertaining pastime to a problem with negative consequences? The purpose of this presentation is to educate parents, caregivers and others who are invested in our youth on gaming use disorder. A disorder that often goes unnoticed in its early stages but can have harmful effects on our young people if not addressed. 

Licensed therapists Janet Johnson, MA, LIMHP, CDGC, LADC, LPC with Choices Treatment Center and Jeremy Eberle, MA, LIMHP, CDGC, PLADC with Eberle Therapy Services, will discuss:• The difference between problem gaming and gaming disorder• Signs and symptoms present with gaming disorder• Harmful effects of gaming disorder• The methods used to treat gaming addiction • Online safety as it relates to gaming