In-person students will be turning in their Chromebooks on Wednesday, May 19th during one of their classes. Students must have their case, strap, power cord, and device with them that day. If they forget any items, they will need to call a parent to have them delivered.

Remote Learners are required to turn in their devices on Friday, May 21st any time from 8:00 am – 3:30 pm.

Preparing the Chromebook to be turned in:

  • In-person students will clean and prepare for check-in during one of their classes.
  • Remote Learners should follow these steps to get their device ready for check-in
    1. Remove personal items from the case and pouch
    2. Report any damage or lost items by completing a Help Ticket
    3. Power off the device
    4. Clean screen, keyboard, and plastic case with an alcohol wipe. We have some at school if needed.
    5. Remove the strap from the carrying case and place it in the pouch.
    6. Place both pieces of the power cord into the pouch.
    7. Make sure the ID card is in the plastic window of the case. If it is missing, write name and ID # on a piece of paper and place in the window. A new ID card will be added when you deliver the device to school.

If you have any questions, please contact the Moore Technology Leader,

Mrs. Christiancy at