Access Amazing Library Resources from Home!

Did you know many of our fabulous library resources can be accessed from home?  If your student is looking for educational games to play or fun activities to do online, we encourage them to check out the library resources at home!  The library provides access to fun educational sites for students for free. To do this, go to your school library website and click on “Home Access” to get the login information. Many of the library’s resources can also be accessed by logging into the portal from home. Go to and type in your student’s LPS ID number and password to see what is available for your student to access from home!

Digital Citizenship Tips

LPS teachers instruct students about digital law when they help students explore how terms of service agreements and privacy policies are important and have real-world implications. Topics for a family discussion might include: 

  • What are terms of service agreements? (Rules you must follow when using an app or digital tool.)
  • Why should you be aware of terms of service agreements? What are the consequences of using apps not intended for students your age? (Many terms of service agreements include age requirements for the app or digital tool. If you use a tool that you are not old enough to use, your account may be canceled, your safety may be compromised, and you may see inappropriate content.)

LPS has procedures in place to ensure the apps and websites students are using adhere to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

Library News for October

Do you remember the print edition of the World Book Encyclopedia that you may have consulted when you were in school? Your student still has access to this resource today – just in a different online format.  World Book Web is bigger and better than ever and has components that serve preschool through adults. Your child can access this from their LPS portal. 

  • World Book Early World of Learning for very young learners
  • World Book Kids for primary learners
  • World Book Student for upper elementary and middle school learners
  • World Advanced for high school through adult learners

Have your student go to this database to see these resources and more!

Digital Citizenship Tips

Would you like to have a conversation with your student about staying safe online?  Here are some questions to get the conversation started:

  • What information should we share with others online and what should we keep a secret?  
  • What websites should we use when we go online?  
  • How can you protect your digital reputation?