Welcome to Moore Middle School!

Gary Czapla, Principal

My name is Dr. Gary Czapla, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be the principal at Lincoln Public School’s newest middle school.  I have just started to make the transition from my previous role as a principal at Culler Middle School to the principal role at Moore, and I will update progress via this website to the start of the 2017-18 school year.  In the next couple of months we will be in the process of hiring teachers and support staff.  As we hire these outstanding professionals, I will update the website so you can see who will be responsible for establishing the culture at Moore.  In addition, we will be ordering furniture, supplies and other materials to get the school fully ready for your students in the fall.

Getting to know future Moore students is my priority this spring. I plan to make several visits to the elementary feeder schools and do my best to meet your students, ease any worries they might have about attending middle school, and share the exciting possibilities which will await them at Moore.  I also will be identifying meeting times and locations to meet with parents and answer questions they might have.  Together the students, staff, and parents will be able to build a positive culture at Moore that will carry on far into the future.

Speaking of the future, did you know that 65% of the jobs your students will hold in the future have not yet been created?  One of the goals we will strive for at Moore is to have your students ready for the 21st century.  To do this we are seeking innovative ways to prepare Moore students. I recently traveled to Pittsburgh to see what two districts are doing to meet this challenge.  We want to look at different ways to redefine learning spaces, develop a futuristic mindset for teachers, and create opportunities for students to design some of their own learning-all while maintaining rigor and high standards for students.  As we continue to prepare for this exciting adventure, I will do my best to keep parents and students updated via the school website and facebook, but you are always welcome to contact me at 402 436-1225.