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Parental Acknowledgement Form (PA) 

Parental Acknowledgement is required for each student to use approved LPS Instructional Technology Tools (including Chromebooks).

RETURNING STUDENTS:  Parent/Guardian PA decisions from last school year will be honored for the next school year. No further action is required by parents/guardians.


Parent/Guardian PA decisions from last school year will be honored for the next school year. Parents/Guardians will be presented the option to reaffirm their decision as part of the online registration verification process.


A parent/guardian PA decision will be included as part of the online registration process.

Responsible User Agreement (RUA) 

Students will read and discuss the RUA when they receive their Chromebook. Each time they log into their device, they are acknowledging that they understand and will follow the expectations of the RUA.

(Optional) Student Device Coverage Program (CAP)

This fee can be paid using School Pay on Synergy. Cost is $20 yearly and will cover all repair charges up to the replacement cost of the device. Deadline to purchase is September 1. 

Technology & the Family – Resources for Parents & Guardians


Google Keep – Online Planner – tutorial

  • Did you know? Chromebook Assurance Program covers your student’s device for up to the replacement cost of a Chromebook. The CAP window closes Sept. 1st. Find out more at

A Parent Guide to Student Chromebook Use in LPS

Being the parent of a “Chromebook student” can be frustrating at times. While few students would sit and do worksheets all evening just for fun, it may be that your student DOES want to work on their Chromebook all evening. It may be hard to distinguish homework from entertainment when they are staring at a device screen. Check out this resource [] for information and strategies that may be helpful when making these nightly decisions.


We’re working hard to make Synergy ParentVUE more of a “one-stop shop” for information about your student’s teachers and classes. ParentVUE provides parents/guardians secure access to student grades (secondary), assignments, attendance information, and much more. ParentVUE is also the avenue for parents/guardians to verify student enrollment in LPS. Our school has also worked hard to increase the information that you can find on the Class Websites tab inside of ParentVUE, so check it out!

The District has a goal of ensuring at least one parent/guardian per household has activated and use their ParentVUE account. If you haven’t yet activated yours, please contact the school office for an activation key. Contact DeAnn Karg in the Moore office at 436-1225

More information about ParentVUE can be found on our school home page under Essentials.

6th Grade Chromebook Orientation Slideshow

7th & 8th Grade Chromebook Orientation Slideshow

ParentVue is a component of the LPS Student Information System that allows parents/guardians to:

  • Access class information
  • Obtain email addresses to message teachers
  • Monitor attendance & report all-day absences 24×7
  • View and print report cards
  • Secondary Only: Monitor grades & automatically receive notifications when a grade falls below a selected level

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