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Friday, March 5, 2021

Today is an X Day


Lunch Menu:

French Toast Sticks w/ Sausage Links or Cheese Sticks

Mexi Pizza

Black Bean Salsa Burger


*Did you know that all LPS students receive free breakfast and lunch this school year?  Join your friends for breakfast in the lunchroom in the mornings beginning at 7:35 AM.  And don’t forget to check out the nutritious and delicious lunch options every day!  Our Nutrition Services staff look forward to seeing you!


Activities for the Week of 3/1/2021 through 3/5/2021:


Friday (X Day): NO CLUBS/ACTIVITIES     

LPS Spring Break is March 8th-12th. The Moore office will be open Monday-Thursday from 7:30 AM-3:00 PM. The office will be closed on Friday, March 12th.   


Activities for the Week of 3/15/2021 through 3/19/2021:

Monday (Y Day): 7th/8th Grade Drama Club (3:00-4:15 PM in Cafeteria or Rm #111)

6th Grade Band (3:00-3:45 PM in Rm #105)

Tuesday (X Day): 6th Grade Choir (7:10-7:45 AM in Rm #106)

Wednesday (Y Day): Jazz Band (7:00-7:45 AM in Rm #105)

7th/8th Grade Drama Club (3:00-4:15 PM in Cafeteria/Rm #111)

Thursday (X Day): 7th/8th Grade Choir (7:10-7:45 AM in Rm #106)

7th8th Grade Drama Club (3:00-4:15 PM in Cafeteria/Rm #111)

7th/8th Grade Robotics Club (3:00-4:30 PM in Rm #324)




*Please remember to bring a water bottle to school!  You can also purchase a re-usable water bottle from the cafeteria for $2.00. 


Remember, the Moore we believe, the Moore we become!


LPS Families,

Student calendar Feb. 22 – March 5

In October, the Board of Education adopted changes to the school calendar. You can find the full revised student calendar here. Below is the student calendar for the next two weeks: 

Monday, March 1

  • Classes in session for all students.
  • High School: Group A is in person, Group B is remote.
  • Remote Learner Meal Distribution

Tuesday, March 2

  • Classes in session for all students
  • High School: Group A is in person, Group B is remote.

Wednesday, March 3 

  • Classes in session for all students
  • High School: Group B is in person, Group A is remote. (Early dismissal)

Thursday, March 4

  • Classes in session for all students
  • High School: Group B is in person, Group A is remote.

Friday, March 5

  • Classes in session for all students
  • High School: Group B is in person, Group A is remote.

March 6 – 14 

Quarter Break – No School

Monday, March 15

  • Classes in session for all students
  • Remote Learner Meal Distribution

Tuesday, March 16

  • Classes in session for all students
  • K-8: early dismissal
  • No morning prekindergarten classes. Full day Prekindergarten classes on a shortened schedule.  Afternoon prekindergarten classes attend on a morning schedule (please watch for a separate message with more information about the March 16 schedule for PreKindergarten.)

Wednesday, March 17 

  • Classes in session for all students
  • High School: early dismissal

Thursday, March 18

  • Classes in session for all students

Friday, March 19

  • Classes in session for all students.


Special Education and the Remote Learning Program

If your child with a disability is registered for the 2021-22 Remote Learning Program and you have been informed that an IEP needs to be scheduled, a Special Education administrator will be contacting you soon. An IEP will be scheduled between now and the beginning of April.  If you have questions, please contact Dr. Jenny Fundus at 402-436-1919.


Returning from International Travel

Lincoln Public Schools is following the current requirements, recommendations and guidelines from the CDC, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department (LLCHD) regarding international travel.  The full listing of the requirements, recommendations and guidelines can be found at the links listed below:

CDC, DHHS, LLCHD and LPS Requirements

Individuals who travel outside of the United States (by car, plane, boat, or train) are required to stay home and self-quarantine for 7 days after international travel.

  • Returning international travelers will need to be tested 3-5 days after travel AND stay home and self-quarantine for 7 days after travel. (Even if you test negative, stay home and self-quarantine for the full 7 days.)
  • If the test is positive, individuals need to isolate themselves to protect others from getting infected.
  • ​If an individual is not tested after returning from international travel, they need to stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days after travel into the US.


Remote Learning reminders and request form

Students who selected remote learning this semester will continue in remote learning second semester. On the remote learning request form, if you selected your child to be in remote learning for just the first semester, there is nothing you need to do to continue remote learning second semester. We will continue your child in remote learning. If you wish for your child to return to school second semester for in-person learning, please contact your child’s school office as soon as possible.

The Remote Learning Request Form is on our website while we are in Red. Families can choose – now or any time – to move to 100% remote learning for their child. After filling out the form, the school will call to confirm your request. Please allow two school days for staff to prepare and get your child the materials they will need to begin remote learning. The school will communicate with you when remote learning will begin for your child.

Families, please weigh this option carefully, as continuously moving back and forth between in-person and remote learning creates a major disruption in your child’s learning experience. Parents must provide permission to the school for a student to use remote learning for situations where the student will not be in school for an extended period of time (10+ school days). To access the request form:


Support for families

We know this year has been unlike any other. It is important to know that there are people who can help if you or a family member is struggling. Here are some resources you can contact any time of the day or night, any day of the year:

  • CenterPointe Helpline (Lincoln): 402-475-6695; Youth and Family Services 402-475-5161 ext. 547; email:; walk-in services at 1000 S. 13th Street.
  • Bryan Health: – search Counseling
  • Nebraska Family Helpline: 1-888-866-8660
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
  • Your Life Your Voice (Boys Town)  1-800-448-3000 or text VOICE to 20121 (text charges from your phone carrier may apply)
  • Lincoln Police Department: Emergency: 911; Non-Emergency: 402-441-6000
  • MyLink is a website ( and a mobile app (for Apple and Android – search MyLink) that has information about community resources. It can be downloaded in a wi-fi environment and then used when wi-fi is not available. Translations are provided in Arabic, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese.
  • Mental Health 101 recordings from Blue Valley Behavioral Health – accessible by clicking this link.

There is a great deal of information online. As you search for topics of interest, remember to consider the source and make sure you are getting information that is accurate and reliable.


High school winter sports protocols 

Lincoln Public Schools has worked collaboratively with the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department to update their winter sports protocols. LPS will implement the protocols outlined below for all student-athletes and spectators during competitions in our buildings. Following health department recommendations allows us to reduce the risk of spread and continue with our season.

The number of fans for each competition is limited to a maximum of only two individuals per student-athlete, who must all be part of the same household, but in some cases, it could be less.

To follow the household only requirement for spectators, LPS will provide the gate at both home and away competitions a list of all individuals named on the student’s census form “as living in the home with the student”. This is the information provided by families to schools at the beginning of each school year. 

To meet the guidelines on spectator limits, LPS is implementing the following: (Subject to change based on venue capacity and other variables. Changes will be communicated by schools.)

  • Spectators = any person of any age, including infants, toddlers and children
  • Number of household spectators per competition if venue capacity allows:
    • Basketball = 2
    • Wrestling duals = 2
    • Wrestling tournaments four or more teams = 0
    • Swimming (each school participating individually in virtual meets) = 1
    • Swimming duals with diving = 1
    • Swimming meets with multiple schools = 0
    • Diving only competitions = 2
  • Only the designated home team Cheer and Dance teams will perform at home competitions. In most cases, two household spectators per participant will be allowed to attend.
  • Spectators may sit in their household group of two, but individuals and household pairs must maintain at least six feet of physical distance between other individuals and household pairs.
  • There will NOT be a student section for students to congregate and sit together.
  • Multi-layer face coverings must be worn fully covering the mouth and nose by any spectator over the age of two-years-old at all times. Anyone not following the face covering requirement while inside LPS buildings will be asked to leave.
  • Concessions will not be sold, and no outside food or drink will be allowed in LPS buildings.

LPS is working to provide livestreaming of most competitions for spectators. Each school has a YouTube Channel to provide free livestreaming. Some varsity basketball competitions will be streamed on KLKN-TV’s sports page:

Schools YouTube Channels for Sports:


Take these steps to help slow the spread of COVID-19

While at school or in our community, the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department reminds us to follow these four main protocols proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19:

Self-screen for symptoms everyday before leaving home using this checklist. If you answer yes to the questions asked, contact your healthcare provider and stay home. Staff and students are expected to conduct a self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms every day prior to entering any LPS building or program.

Face Coverings
Wear multilayer cloth face coverings anytime you are in public settings and physical distancing from others can’t be maintained. Face coverings are required to be worn over the mouth and nose for all LPS staff, students and visitors to enter school buildings.

Hand Hygiene
Wash your hands with soap or use sanitizer after touching objects and common surfaces. In addition, frequently clean and sanitize areas, surfaces and objects after use.

Physical Distancing
Maintaining physical distancing from others whenever possible makes a difference. Spacing out as far as you can, where and when you can, will reduce the spread of COVID-19.


Students in quarantine moving to remote learning

We have updated our procedures for moving students who have been directed to quarantine to remote learning so we are aligned with the recent changes by the health department:

  • There is still a two day turnaround for staff to prepare print materials for remote students.
  • However, parents and students are now allowed to begin remote learning as soon as possible if the student will be excluded for four or more school days. Choosing this option may require families to make two pickups: the first to get the Chromebook, and the second to get other materials after the two day window. 

While students may not have access to all of the materials, this new process allows students more immediate access to learning with little disruption.  


Changes to the student calendar

The Lincoln Board of Education also approved additional early release and no school days for students during the school year to allow for more plan time for teachers. Click here for an updated printable K-12 student calendar. Changes to the year calendar are highlighted in yellow below: 

11: No school for elementary students (PreK–5, and Early Childhood)
15: K–8 early dismissal, No PreK classes
22: Last day of 2nd quarter
23: First day of LPS winter break

4: Last day of winter break
5: First day of 3rd quarter
12: K–8 early dismissal*
18: Schools not in session (PreK–12 and Early Childhood)
26: K–8 early dismissal, No PreK classes

9: K–8 early dismissal*
15: Schools not in session (PreK–12 and Early Childhood)
23: K–8 early dismissal, No PreK classes

5: Last day of 3rd quarter
8-12: Schools not in session (PreK–12)
15: First day of 4th quarter
16: K–8 early dismissal*
30: K–8 early dismissal, No PreK classes

1: No school for high school students (9–12)
2: Schools not in session (PreK–12 and Early Childhood)
5: No school for elementary students (PreK–5 and Early Childhood)
13: K–8 early dismissal*
27: K–8 early dismissal, No PreK classes

20: Last day of class for students

*Early Childhood and preschool have a different schedule for the new early release days. Please see those calendars here:  Early Childhood Preschool Calendar and Early Childhood Full Day Preschool Calendar


Changes to face coverings requirement during recess and outdoor P.E.

Starting next week, face coverings will now be required at recess for students and adult supervisors. This decision was made in collaboration with the health department and is a result of the updated definition of a high-risk close contact and the inability to guarantee physical distancing throughout recess.

Face coverings will also be required for P.E. with the exception of intense aerobic activity or if six feet of distance can be guaranteed at all times. 


Identifying high-risk close contacts

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department have recently updated the factors involved when identifying high-risk close contacts. A high-risk close contact is identified as anyone within six feet or less of a positive individual for a cumulative 15 minutes within a 24-hour period, and one or both of the individuals are not wearing a face covering during the interaction. 

Check out this information from the Nebraska Department of Education to learn more about identifying high-risk close contacts and the difference between quarantine and isolation while wearing face coverings. 


Zoom safety for students

We are working with Lincoln Public Schools Security and Computing Services after we have become aware of a student safety concern this week. Families, we need your help to address this issue.  Some students may be using LPS issued technology, others may be using their own devices.
Students are searching for and entering public Zoom meetings.  In these public Zoom meetings, our students are being exposed to adult content that is not age appropriate.  In addition to seeing and hearing this inappropriate material, students are engaging in inappropriate conversations and virtually meeting others. Some of these people they are meeting are reported to be adults not connected to the school or Lincoln Public Schools. We are concerned for the safety of our students engaging in this dangerous on-line activity unsupervised.

Just a reminder, as part of the Responsible Technology Use Agreement Form signed by students at the beginning of the year, students should not use LPS technology to enter into any meetings that are not LPS related or for official educational purposes. 

As a reminder, the safety measures outlined below are some of the things that have been put into place to protect our students. LPS student devices and accounts cannot:

  • Send or receive email from outside LPS
  • Send or receive Google documents from outside LPS
  • No access to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
  • Inability to create/host Zoom meetings

Families, we need your help to keep our children safe. Please have conversations with your child about the appropriate use of technology – whether it is a school device or a personal device. 


Free breakfast and lunch for all LPS students

Due to the pandemic, the USDA is federally funding breakfast and lunch for all students while the federal funding lasts. All LPS students in preschool – 12 grade and Independence Academy students will be offered breakfast and lunch at no charge. 

To receive the school meal at no charge:

  • The student must select a serving of fruit or vegetable plus at least two other components of the meal (meat, grain, milk, fruit, vegetable). 
  • Failing to take a fruit or vegetable plus two other food components will lead to the student being charged a la carte pricing. 
  • A student selecting pizza and milk would need to pay for these food items since there is no fruit or vegetable. 
  • A student may select all five components of the meal.
  • A la carte food items including milk and second entrees will still be available to purchase with money in the meal account or cash.

LPS will communicate when the program is coming to an end for families to plan around breakfast and lunch purchases.  

Just a reminder, families must continue to fill out applications for free or reduced priced meals for the 2020-2021 school year.  You can access a meal application at

Breakfast and Lunch for remote learners will also be at no charge.


Remote learning resources

Below are some important resources for families and students participating in remote learning via Zoom:


Cameras during remote learning

While we understand some of the reasons your student may keep their Zoom camera off during instruction (privacy, Zoom fatigue, competing family obligations, etc.) we also wanted to take a moment and share some of the benefits to encouraging your child to keep their camera on during instruction.

1. Teachers often use facial cues and body language to adjust instruction. When your student is learning in-person, teachers have a talent for recognizing facial cues, furrowed brows, or confusion. These cues signal your child’s teacher that they may need an extra example, additional clarification or feedback.

2. Teachers often ask students to give a thumbs up/down, nod their head, hold up the number of fingers, or other non-verbal gestures to check for engagement and understanding. Having the camera on, allows your child to participate in these structured opportunities to respond and keeps your child engaged.

3. Seeing faces is how we build relationships. This is true for both the teacher-to-student relationship and the peer-to-peer relationships. When your student keeps their camera shut off, they are less likely to interact with peers and build those relationships. 

There may be times when your student needs to shut off the camera, however, we hope you will encourage your child to keep their camera on as much as possible in order to foster learning and build connections.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher.